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Let us introduce you to the world of Fusion Tacos and thanks to the creativity and excitement that Chef Yiu puts in to each and every Taco creation, you'll have an amazing time at this restaurant. The two options we highly recommend are the Shanghai Taco which adds a kick with fresh Wasabi or the Pollo (Chicken) Taco that is always a classic and good to the last bite. With a name like Yayo Taco, it's really hard to miss this spot when visiting Las Vegas in Nevada, it's always a stand out spot for Tacos. However, as we must report from time to time here, in 2013 the University district restaurant had to close their doors. Local bands even came together for an event to make a true last ditch attempt to keep the place open, but it didn't quite work out. As it was reported, chef Cho Yiu decided to fight a fine and faced having to close the doors as a result. It's a sad day as no other place offered or offers to this day the amazing menu it once held. From their massive places of overflowing Nachos, Tacos and of course the bands and performances from local groups that really brought a sense of community and togetherness while enjoying great food and drinks. Established in 2006, they had a good run and will always be remembered in the Vegas community. From the basic to speciality Tacos and many craft beers, sizes were always huge, prices were far too cheap and the service was amazing. Rest in peace Yayo Taco.

Address / Location

4632 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Yayo Taco

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Authentic Mexican Food Tacos & Burritos

Shanghai Taco Tofu Nuez Vegan Taco Bombay Taco Yayo Taco Food Pescado Taco Black Beans with Fresh Plantain Chips Flan Mexican Cheese Nachos

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