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Truly a one-of-a-kind experience, not only due to the great food selection but also the unique payment method. Just as the name of the restaurant suggests, you decide what you pay after you finish your meal. There are plenty of things to fill up on such as the Pork Huevos Rancheros and Nectarine Scones which are amongst the highlights at this spot. In our many long years of culinary travel not just throughout the states but the world, we have never come across such an amazing, thoughtful and original institution. A non-profit cafe spot that also served as a catering business helped thousands of at-risk youths learn about the food industry. It was a first step to help these kids make a future of themselves while at the same time allowing them to explore their love and wonder for the culinary world. We speak in the past tense because sadly, this spot is no longer in business. Back in 2006, owner and operator Evelyn Cheatham started this venture to give youth a future and chance at life beyond their current circumstances. However, after the ravages fires in 2018 in California, it was just not possible to keep this going amid the escalating costs of the operation. The high quality here was always something to be admired and our favorite time here was their brunches which never failed to impress. Each time we arrived here, it was nothing less than delicious surprises where everything was made from scratch with fresh ingredients. This spot will be missed.

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1021 Hahman Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

WOW Worth our Weight

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American Food near me Pork

Huevos Racheros Polenta and Chicken Apple Sausage Nectarine Scones WOW Worth our Weight Food Lamb Pot Pie Buttermilk Waffle with Fried Chicken Ground Beef Hash Vege Scramble Breakfast

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