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The dream truly started with the creators.. Matt Davis and James Barrington. The idea was simple, to open up their own BBQ joint that did it their way. It was all about brining back the roots of BBQ that they had remembered from earlier years.. back to the basics instead of the way the big chains ruined it in recent memory. With having grown up in Kansas and Texas, they both had the experience of true, home style BBQ. They created an inviting, outdoor space that brings out the best of the food and people. With an amazing menu, they also compliment it with a great whiskey selection from the bar. It's a large open space that's great for families and children to truly run around and get that true, outdoor style bbq experience. One of the best places for BBQ not only in Seattle but the Nation. The wait might be a tad longer at times, but keep in mind all is made to perfection, served fresh each day and believe us, worth the wait! The meat just falls off the bone, you'll be licking your fingers clean and asking for more. Come visit if you're nearby, it's truly incredible food, drink and staff!

Address / Location

2513 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98144

Wood Shop BBQ

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BBQ Tacos & Burritos

Slabs of BBQ Ribs Mac n Cheese with Portobello Mushrooms Mac n Cheese Balls Wood Shop BBQ Food House Smoked Syrup Margarita BBQ Brisket Breakfast Taco Jalapeno Mac n Cheese

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