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Traditional country meals are the speciality of this amazing location to stop by when traveling the wide open roads of America. You will find something on the menu to satisfy your hunger with ease.. especially notables such as Fresh-Roasted Peanuts and Virginia-Style Spoon bread that you'll find yourself ordering seconds and thirds. In our opinion after traveling the world and most of America, the best comfort foods stem from the South. This place prepares authentic southern comfort foods that will permanently change your mind of what it truly all about. We love the cute little gift shop attached as well which sells treats and peanuts from local farmers, a nice touch. We rarely state this, but everything here is delicious from first bite to the last. Some worthwhile mentioned items here also include their Brunswick Stew, Carrot Souffle, Meatloaf, Fried Chicken etc. BUT, we gotta say the Pie here is amazing.. like the World Famous Peanut Pie or the Peach Cobbler. Listen, it's really a must stop joint.. there is no reason not to visit.

Address / Location

U.S. Route 460
Wakefield, VA 23888

Virginia Diner

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Famous Peanut Pie Dessert Country Ham Peach Cobbler Virginia Diner Food Seasoned Virginia Peanuts Candied Yams Fried Chicken Virginia Ham Wrap

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