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With well over sixty years of experience, this bar has been serving locals and tourists to their hearts desires. An authentic diner that serves great greasy food with perfect music in the background. Try the Mike's Fried Chicken, Joe's West Virginia Sandwich and any of the freshly prepared, flame-grilled Burgers found here each day. It's pretty much the local hangout where you will be treated as part of the group regardless if you are a local or not - that is a great aspect. All are welcome for some great quick food and drinks. Perhaps labeled as a dive-bar, we tend to think it's higher than that as the previous term might scare some folks away. Just a few blocks east of the US Capitol, in a funky setting that you'll fall in love with. We love how authentic this place is with their menu.. items such as their original Tony's Beer Battered Burger are always a hit. Food here is delicious and the service is always friendly. But again, we love how diverse the crowd is here which makes it for an interesting experience each time we eat here. It puts dive bars back on the map in an amazing and positive light. There is no hesitation, Tune Inn will exceeded your expectations and you will be raving about for days afterwards. In a nutshell, it's genuine, down to earth and serves some cold, good beer!

Address / Location

331 Pennsylvania Ave. Southeast
Washington, DC 20003

Tune Inn Restaurant bar on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Beer Battered Burger Joes West Virginia Sandwich Tune Inn Burger Tune Inn Restaurant Bar Food Fried Mac and Cheese Wedges Corned Beef Hash Biscuits and Sausage with Gravy Firemans Burger

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