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Really an awesome place if you decide to head over to BC or happen to be a Canadian already. Open since the mid-1920's, a family based diner is what it's all about at the historic, Tomahawk Barbeque Restaurant. When here, you can try a few of our personal favorites which include the Tomahawk Style Beef Dip, the Organic Roast Beef Dinner or the Steak and Mushroom Pie which is so savoury and rich you'll fall in love at first bite. We are always impressed with the unique totem-decorated interior here, a true sight to be seen. It's also a great source to explore the full collection of famous Canadian style comfort foods. Being from Vancouver, they also pride themselves on fresh and organic ingredients, all local as well. So you can have items such as free-range eggs and organic beef with your meals here. As they clearly state, your health matters to them and the quality is second to none. With nearly a century of service, there aren't too many ma and pa shops that have stood the test of time such as these folks. The legendary food and service here is something you must experience even if you're not Canadian. All customers that come here will make it clear that the service is quick and the overall experience is awesome, a joint that is not to be passed by for any reason. 100% family friendly and always welcoming. We also suggest you take a look at the great breakfast options here, great way to start your day.

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1550 Philip Ave
Vancouver, BC V7P 2V8

Tomahawk Barbeque Restaurant

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Organic Roast Beef Dinner Tomahawk Style Beef Dip Steak and Mushroom Pie Tomahawk Restaurant Food Skookum Chief Burger Yukon Breakfast Thai Chicken Soup Mixed Grill Platter

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