The Smoking Swine
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It's the place of the underground BBQ when in Baltimore and we wholeheartedly agree! These guys will never claim to be awarding winning chefs with decades of schooling or such - they simply keep it real and stick to old-school bbq that has pleased countless of customers over the years. Nothing fancy or "make it your own" cliche here, it's about staying true to traditions and basics that always (when done right) come out right. We also love the food truck concept when it's done right, such a as this place. The service is always quick and as you can imagine things are made to order for you on the spot. Once again, it's legit BBQ that will hit the spot and really make you appreciate the grass roots of it all. Ridiculously tasty, affordable and the portions are just right. Some of the top pics here (while everything really is great we must say) are the Lonestar Brisket Sandwich, Papa Pump's Pulled Pork Sandwich, St Louis Style Ribs, Bratwurst Sausages, Hush Puppies, Dixie Devil Coleslaw and of course the Slap Yo Mama Mac and Cheese! Listen guys, well worth the stop here to make the effort!

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1600 Thames St.
Baltimore, MD 21231

The Smoking Swine

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Slap Yo Mama Mac and Cheese Carolina Sandwich Beef Brisket The Smoking Swine Food St Louis Style Ribs Collard Greens Andoule Po Boy Cucumber Salad

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