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Andre Guerrero whom started up this diner has a new method to fast food, SLOW! But all in a good way as all the meats are marinated and slow-cooked to perfection. The House-Cured Pastrami Sandwich is a favorite along with their Signature BBQ Pulled Pork which uses their unique homemade Carolina Sauce smothered all over. Onion Rings are also great here and pair well with any main meal. Just perfectly crispy and not overly greasy like the typical Onion Rings tends to be. The list of Gourmet style Burgers here are so beyond any Burger you'll find across the street at your typical big chain alternative. And what also sets them apart from those aforementioned spots is that at The Oinkster, you've got your choice of some incredible Craft Beers instead of bubbly soda. The retro style decor inside is also a plus and takes you back to the age when diners truly reigned supreme. Also, you'll get a chance to enjoy these Gourmet style burgers, many under $10 which typical restaurants charge upwards of $15. So the value for your money here, considering the incredible quality is supreme. Let's list some of our favorite items from this menu.. how about the Bacon Crispinator, The Cluckster, Oinkster Pastrami or the Chicken and Brie Sandwich! Seriously friends, this place is a hip, inviting and simply a great place to enjoy a delicious, greasy meal. Don't hesitate when you're in the Eagle Rock neightborhood of California.. we've yet to miss it when we're nearby.

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2005 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA 90041

The Oinkster on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Oinkster Pastrami Oinkster Burger Pulled Pork Sandwich The Oinkster Food Onion Rings Piggy Fries Potato Salad Adobo Burger

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