The Meatball Stoppe
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We like to refer to this amazing spot as a bit of Italy in the heart of Orlando. It's hard to find a decent, authentic and traditional Italian eatery when outside of New York or Italy itself, so it's very exciting to be able to recommend this eatery down south in the state of Florida. As you might expect, it's a very welcoming, family oriented spot that really takes tradition when they serve out there food and drink! It's really all about the flavors when it comes to great Italian food and these guys do it perfectly. As the name suggests, one of the best things on the menu must be there meatballs and we agree! With so many different meatball variations, one better than the next. Try the traditional, gluten-free or the Mediterranean style. The sauces are also incredible here, all in-house through timeless recipes passed down through many generations. With over 30 years of experience, the owners have got it figured out and will treat you like family here too!

Address / Location

7325 Lake Underhill Rd
Orlando, FL 32822

The Meatball Stoppe

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Italian Food Chicken & Wings

Italian Polenta Spicy Pork with Egg on Ciabatta Sfogliatelle The Meatball Stoppe Food Chicken Marsala Meatballs Sausage Meatball Mash Burger Pepper and Onion Meatballs Side of Italian Penne Pasta

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