The Little Depot Diner
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In a small town that nobody really is aware of, you'll come across the best kept secret in the state of MA. Formerly an authentic lunch care that has been completely transformed in to this diner, enjoy homemade specialties such as Mulligatawny Soup and Boston Baked Beans which are unlike any other beans you've had. You can't miss the awesome Blues music playing in the background when you enter, something that sets the vibe for this diner that is absolutely a must see. What also makes this place a true one of a kind diner is that it's situation in an authentic 1929 train car.. how cool is that? Our favorite meal here is simply any of their hearty breakfast options that bring a hint of comfort paired with tradition. Something you would have at home.. an not some quick drive-thru breakfast option most people use these days. Without any hesitation, this 15-stool Worcester Lunch Car is the local place to go to. The super friendly and helpful staff here complete the best experience that truly makes you feel like you get the treatment you deserve. Even though there is an ATM outside, be aware that they stick with a CASH ONLY payment method here. This is a rare treat when it comes to true foodies and there is a reason everyone here is satisfied.

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1 Railroad Ave
Peabody, MA 01961

The Little Depot Diner

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Boston Baked Beans Corton Mulligatawny Soup The Little Depot Diner Food Fresh Kolbasz Roll Shaved Steak Benedict Portuguese Scramble Linguica-Vegetable Stew

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