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Casual fare spot that really is a huge hit with locals and visitors from across the world. We love the counter-serve theme here that really brings back an old-school, intimate feel that is rarely seen in the industry these days. Mike and Rob have made it their lives to create and sell some delicious sustainable seafood here and the community truly appreciates it. A perfect spot to grab a quick bite to go, or instead take your time and dine in with some spectacular service. Everyone is made welcome here and it adds to the overall charm and welcoming atmosphere we love. It is a small space but it's cozy. Prices are more than fair and we're surprised they are jacked up considering the excellent, consistent quality found each and every time. Food is made to order here and always as fresh as possible, and we're not exaggerating. Two of the most popular items here continue to be the salmon fish and chips along with the chowder. We've had both and can attest that they're worth every penny and the trip regardless of how far you are. The staff here is very knowledgeable which goes a long way as well. Truly a place that cannot be passed up if you appreciate fresh, local seafood dishes.

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3825 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5V 3P1

The Fish Counter

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Seafood Shrimp

Salmonito Pacific Cod Fish and Chips Crab and Shrimp Sandwich The Fish Counter Food Steamed Halibut Dumplings Shrimp Curry Poutine Bouillabaisse Rollmops

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