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A great spot to experience truly authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine in the heart of Santa Fe territory. Before we go ahead, we do have to mention that this place is fast, unlike any other place we've been to. But, they do not sacrifice quality or customer service either, it's just like a perfectly oiled machine that puts customers first and makes it a memorable and delicious dining experience. What can be made fresh, is absolutely made fresh here which is essentially the entire menu. Tucked away upstairs off the central square, you can enjoy the open fresh Santa Fe air when here. A casual take on Mediterranean cuisine that will surprise and please though new and also familiar with it. When you crave something else from the typical burger or taco joint, then this is the place to visit without any hesitation. In fact, there should be more of these across the state and country as far as we're concerned. A nice change from the popular Mexican menu you'll often come across in New Mexico.. we appreciate it. The wonderful smells will sweep you off your feet and hypnotize your taste buds before you even enter the doors. Again, wonderful, quick, affordable and memorable dining option.

Address / Location

66 E San Francisco St Suite 21
Santa Fe, NM 87501

The Beestro

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Falafel Balls Pistachio Cookie Baba Ganoush The Beestro Food Green Chili Chicken Meatball Soup Cappuccino Strawberries and Cream Crepe Veggie Panini

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