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A name you'll never forget, along with the great food selection you'll find inside here at The Barking Dog Cafe. First and foremost, if it's your first visit then by all means you must try the "Bark Lard" BLT Sandwich! This is their official Signature Dish for a reason, so be sure to grab it here. Then, top it all off with some freshly baked Cherry Pie - it's got the perfect crust and fresh cherry filling to make you smile after your meal. There is always room for a slice of pie right? However, once again, we must be the bearers of bad news. This spot has closed their doors as a few other diners on our list have done. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and this is such an example. Can't believe it was back in 2015, but just to let you fans know if you plan on visiting following our dining guide. Prices were never the lowest, but the quality more than made up for it and it was always nice to feel like you're getting true food, worth every penny. Large sizes, real ingredients and old-school techniques that always put a smile on our faces. Besides the great BLT, they also had a killer Clam Chowder. One of those that you can actually see and eat the chunks of clams, instead of just a broth. One nice thing we also appreciated was that they had a water bowl for dogs outside and even allowed puppies to come inside. The love for dogs was more than obvious. Sorry to see you guys go, best of luck in your future endeavors.

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115 E 49th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46205

The Barking Dog

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Buddys Shrimp Roll Tomato Soup with a Cheddar Cheese Baguette Pommes Frites The Barking Dog Food Creamy Clam Chowder in a Mug Bowl Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Bark Lard BLT Spicy Pork and Kale Soup

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