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It's all about world-class Persian cuisine when you come to visit this fantastic El Paso spot! It's as authentic as it gets aside from being in Persia itself.. so this of course is far more convenient. One thing you'll take away from this spot is that the service is very, very, very good! This goes a long way as it truly enriches the entire experience which we all appreciates.. especially in the food industry. Another great feature here is often times you will get served free samples as you wait for your actual order to come out. As you can imagine, all is prepared fresh to order from daily ingredients. The famous kebabs here are the go to and the meat is so tender and juicy you'll fall in love at first bite. For many, this will be their first experience with Persian food and without hesitation, there is no better place to experience it. The hot tea is also nice here and the free refills are also appreciated. A good family feel here and you'll truly feel welcomed. The portions here are also tremendous and will fill you up. Perfectly seasoned, served warm with a smile and to put it plainly, absolutely delicious Peruvian food! Come visit them when in the El Past area.

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6110 N Mesa St D
El Paso, TX 79921

Tasty Kabob

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