Tacos Chiwas
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It's usually the most significant factor that comes in to play when we look for the next best restaurant.. family. That's right, those that are run and established by family truly give the best dining experience over any big chain joint. The quality of food is felt through every bite. Most impressive is that each and every recipe is family owned and passed down through several generations. The passion, love and tradition is felt here and you'll never go to another taqueria place again. You'll find the wide assortment of meats more than enough to put together your dream taco no doubt. If you've been to big chain restaurants, you've been cheated on my friend. When your food comes out here, you'll feel like you're at your grandma's house - it's all made to order. We're also very impressed with the speed of the service as well.. you'll feel like you're the star here with five-star service everyday!

Address / Location

1923 E McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Tacos Chiwas

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Authentic Mexican Food Tacos & Burritos

Charro Beans Chicharones Tacos Picadillo Gordita Tacos Chiwas Food Barbacoa Taco Cheese Quesadillas Pastor Taco Authentic Mexican Salsas

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