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Hey there friends, you've probably figured out that this eatery serves Tacos, but what you didn't know is that they are simply some of the best Tacos in the nation, outside of Mexico itself. Even though the owner is Greek and not Mexican, she has figure out Mexican cuisine to perfection as best can be. In fact, she's mastered the culinary art through passion and dedication that has provided some amazing menu items such as their Shredded Chicken Fried Puffy Tacos or Tacos de Lengua that always surprise a first timer. Another neat and unexpected feature here is that they carry and all-day breakfast option that always makes your late night breakfast cravings a winner. They combined some delicious Tex-Mex classics here but also added a sprinkle of signature Mexican meals that will surprise you. Every single item here is made in-house and created in-house for your order - fresh and creative ingredients that make this place special. Coming in to the picture over a decade ago, San Antonio has become far better in regard to Mexican cuisine thanks to these folks. Also consider their fresh and delicious Gorditas, Beef Fajitas Tacos, Chicken Enchilada, Carne Guisada, Breakfast Tacos and far more. All the food here is in large portions, especially the Tacos which are not just full of ingredients but full of flavor and satisfaction too. Very welcoming spot, check them out and give them a fair shake.

Address / Location

145 E Hildebrand Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212

Taco Taco Cafe

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