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A simple yet truly perfect little Taco spot that always brings the goods. As the owners like to phrase it, it's really is a true holy union of flavors - especially with their in-house Tacos. The bite sized creations come in so many different variations, there truly is a Taco here for everyone. Without hesitation, when in the city of Burlington, this is your one-stop Taco shop that you shouldn't pass up. It's your source for real tacos.. not the mass marketed big chain alternatives. Quality here is by far the best and the prices are more than fair for the freshness and perfection which you'll get a chance to experience. They always have fresh chips and perfect salsa here in addition to a great assortment of drinks. Dine in or take out as they cater to both options. We tend to do a little bit of both as it's nice to have some when you get home as well. If you enjoy a nice cold beer, then you can't go wrong with the $3 option - hard to beat in our eyes. A no-frills spot that focuses on authentic Mexican style tacos at the highest quality. The worst thing you can do is judge this book by the cover - instead, we insist you visit yourselves and explore the goodness!

Address / Location

208 N Winooski Ave
Burlington, VT 05401

Taco Gordo

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Authentic Mexican Food Tacos & Burritos

Tacos El Pastor Taco Carnitas First Crush Cocktail Taco Gordo Food Poblano Taco Mexican Tamale Guajillo Chiles for Tacos Scallop Aguachile

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