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Established many years ago by the now famous Miss Robbie Montgomery, each recipe goes back many generations and you can try them all for their unique and amazing flavors. There really are no bad items on the menu, but the most popular continue to be the Mac 'n' Cheese, Rice and Gravy and of course with the side of hand-made Mashed Potatoes. Your visit will be far better than you expect, which is usually a rare feat. Most people walk in to our of our suggested diners and are let down, well at Sweetie Pies, you'll be blown away. Delicious soul food right here done at it's finest. The term soul food has been thrown around often these days but it's just a gimmick and an insult to authentic joints such as this one. It takes generations of recipes and handed down traditions to get it just right and these guys have it mastered to perfection. Weekends might include a line out the door, but we've always experienced it to move quite quickly and without interruption. It's worth the wait for quality and REAL food.. otherwise go down to your local fast food joint and get your microwaved 30 second burger.

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4270 Manchester Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

Sweetie Pies at the Mangrove

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