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Remarkably, this diner has been in service since 1955! They have kept to their tradition and truly stuck to what classic American food is all about. They actually put out over twenty-thousand orders a month, every month. Try their top sellers such as the Super Boy Burger or Golden Southern Fried Chicken which is Guy's favorite choice when he's here. Real comfort food is hard to come by these days.. especially those that are prepared the old-fashioned way instead of the current fast-food alternatives. When you come to dine here, it's about quality and service rather than speed and microwaved food. The curb-side service here is something you'll never come across anywhere else. Since 1967, it's their pleasure to serve you and without question, it will be a spot you'll never forget. The menu here is solid and you can never go wrong with their classic items such as the Burgers, Fries and of course, freshly prepare Milkshakes. The biggest difference here is the freshness which you can truly taste with each bite. Juicy, perfectly seasoned and satisfying each time. A classic drive-in diner such as this is a fantastic throwback to how things used to be and in our opinion, how things should continue to be. These days, it's all about rush rush rush with sub-par, low quality foods.. but South 21 stays true to authentic quality at reasonable prices. We love this spot!

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3101 E. Independence Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28205

South 21 Drive-In

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Super Boy Burger Fish-O-Burger Onion Rings South 21 Drive-In Food 4pc Chicken South 21 Drive-In Menu Board Fried Trout with Fries South 21 Drive-In Drink

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