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This place really truly does bring it back a few steps back in this old-school fish shack that will please any seafood lover above and beyond! But listen folks, even if you're not so sure about fresh fish.. it'll make you a believer! When in Wilmington, this really is the place to check out to grab a great meal and experience service the way it used to be and should be! One thing we truly appreciate about this place are the generous servings that they hand out.. it's a place you truly get your moneys worth. There is something about their signature batter that makes every fried item on the menu stand out that much more. Unlike no other fish fry we've ever encountered. Listen friends, it's really the hallmark of Southern style fried seafood.. come check them out ASAP! It's one of those joints that you tell yourself that you wish you just lived closer so you can enjoy the goodness whenever you want!

Address / Location

3436 S College Rd
Wilmington, NC 28412

Something Fishy

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