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Let's face it, when you're vacationing in the Caribbean, almost all of the amazing dishes you eat are straight from the flames of BBQ! This place brings that island presence to your backyard through dishes such as their made from scratch Jerk Pork Tacos which are awesome. Also, the Triple Six Wings which add a hint of spice that you've not experienced anywhere before. Smack in the middle of Stillwater, this place is truly fantastic all the way around and back. Fun and inviting atmosphere that is great for families, kids, dates or just a casual bite to eat with your friends. It's one of our favorite places to to fund authentic Caribbean dishes and other specialties at more than reasonable prices. In addition to the amazing food choices which everyone lives, they also have a great bar which features well over 200 varieties of rum. Yes, two hundred! However, we have come to the sad news that since they've been in business in 2008, they've recently closed their doors for good. It's a sad day when such a unique and amazing spot closes down while other big chain brands continue to reign. We need more ma and pa spots that bring true originality and authenticity to the culinary world. While there are similar alternatives in Minnesota, none match the epicness of Smalley's Caribbean BBQ.

Address / Location

423 Main St. South
Stillwater, MN 55082

Smalleys Caribbean Barbeque

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Jerk Pork Tacos Triple Six Wings Jicama Slaw Salad with Cashews Smalleys Caribbean Barbeque Food Pork Sliders Fresh Corn Bread Curried Goat Roti Conch Fritters Appetizer

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