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Since 2006, it's easily one of Austin's best spots for authentic BBQ and more. With so many barbecue spots spread across Texas, it was time to offer customers something different. Something new, bold and delicious and that's exactly what SLAB BBQ and Beer have managed to achieve right here. Plenty of smoked meats to choose from and many that have won these folks award after award. Originally a mobile food truck, it quickly gained in reputation and popularity where it was essential to create a bigger space to make everyone happy. Growth is a good thing and with multiple locations in Austin, these folks are just on the up and up. If you're a local, you may be familiar with the original Sugar Shack BBQ name! Well it's the same amazing flavors and menu, just in a brick and mortar spot. So to this day, you can visit the restaurant, food truck or get amazing catering for your event. Glaze here is really famous as well and most are sure to make the most of it. Ribs, Pork, Steaks, Sandwiches and much more are excellent here and be sure to also check out the perfect sides!

Address / Location

9012 Research Blvd C4
Austin, TX 78758

SLAB BBQ and Beer

Menu Recommendations

Cuisine / Diet Plan with Popular Foods & Meals to Eat Here

BBQ Tacos & Burritos

BBQ Pork Ribs Badonkadonk Wrap Green Beans Casserole SLAB BBQ and Beer Food El Jefe Burger Brisket Nachos BBQ Slider Sampler Tupac Banana Pudding

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