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A wonderful spot in Portland which we're always happy to share with others. The best of Pacific Northwest seafood that you can experience and prepared with love, passion and through time-tested recipes. For almost two decades of service, they continue to set the standard for fresh seafood and flavor combination which you've never experienced before. As the name suggests, it's all about seasonal ingredients at this spot which makes it a treat to explore the menu as the seasons change. The recipes here are also a collection of regional favorites from across the world, so truly, the best of seafood all available in this town. Great value and service is found here and you'll be able to bring your whole family. There are not that many hidden gems these days but when we come across one such as this, there is zero hesitation to recommend it. We also love that comfort style menu options here at Seasons & Regions Seafood Grill such as the Mac n Cheese and more. Always something great to choose from, so you're never left feeling unsatisfied. From the starters to desserts and everything in between, there is so much to choose from that is all amazing here, that's the honest truth. IF you're a chocolate fan, no question you must finish up your meal with Chocolate Mousse cake!

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6660 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219

Seasons & Regions Seafood Grill

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Seafood Shrimp

Oysters in a Shot Glass Hungarian Mushroom Soup Pumpkin Cheesecake Seasons & Regions Seafood Grill Food Pacific Beach Benedict Thai Curry Shrimp Dungeness Crab Arancini Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich

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