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Basically what's referred to these days as Asian-Fusion cuisine with Latin mixed in.. it's truly a culinary marriage made in heaven! This place came to be from the pairing of two former food truck chefs.. Wagyu Wagon and the DucknRoll. They've combined their culinary skills stemming from childhood memories to create the Saucy Porka as it is today. As you may expect, you'll experience true, traditional flavors and spices that come through in each unique meal. It's a modern touch on comfort style foods that you'll love even if you've never ventured in Latin or Asian cuisine. The menu is full of variety and something truly for everyone. Not only will you fall in love with the food, but also with the vibe. It's small, but makes up for it in a big way with the menu and personalities. It really is about trying something new that most Americans are not used to.. it will surely open your mind to what is truly out there in terms of foods and drink. We suggest most things here but do be sure to check out their BACOS, Curry Fries, Sandwiches, Egg Rolls and so much more. We're getting hungry just talking about it.

Address / Location

400 S Financial Pl
Chicago, IL 60605

Saucy Porka

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Banana Nutella Beignets Miso Short Rib Rice Bowl Chorizo Egg Rolls Saucy Porka Food Asian Paella Carnitas and Pork Belly Bacos Curry Sweet Potato Fries Bowl of Spicy Pork Ramen

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