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Most of us have had the classic North American Thanksgiving meal but not many have experienced it as New Orleans does, and they should. This amazing Sandwich shop, formerly a butcher shop, delivers all the goods such as Oyster Stuffed Turkey or Pumpkin Bread Pudding for dessert. So given the example of Thanksgiving, as that was our last visit here, they really do not skip a beat and offer an amazing and delicious twist on the classic staples you may be used to. A popular local breakfast and lunch spot, they often have their busy times on weekends so come prepared or early to make the most of it. But to be honest, the wait is minimal if you come at a bust time and more importantly, worth every minute! Over the years, this place has become a beloved New Orleans neighborhood restaurant that you'll understand why when you visit. It's also key to note that none of the meats here have ever been frozen.. all is fresh and prepared to order. That is exactly as it always should be, everywhere. The sandwiches and burgers serviced here are really amazing and insane just in presentation also. Packed with ingredients, they are each in their own way, a work of art. A sandwich that you simply cannot wait to sink your teeth into. In New Orleans tradition, the sides here are also in a world of their own.. packed with flavors and worth adding to your main course. Simply order from the menu at the counter, and when your meal is ready they will call your number. Super easy, and a spot worth trying.

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3000 Elysian Fields
New Orleans, LA 70122

Sammys Food Service & Deli

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Southern Comfort Food Desserts & Ice Cream

Oyster Stuffed Turkey Pumpkin Bread Pudding Seafood Mirliton Soup Sammys Food Service and Deli Food Stuffed Shrimp Stuffed Catfish The Ray Ray Sandwich Famous Shrimp Po Boy

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