RJ's Bob-Be-Que Shack
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We're proud to recommend this place run by the one and only, Chef Palmgreen. Whom has experience from fine-dining, gourmet type dining back in New York. He's taken his skills and experience to master the culinary world of BBQ, and that he did with this operation in Kansas. Try the Jalapeno Sausage and his famous Ribs when you stop by to name just a few favorites. It's all about the classic BBQ style dishes here that you've grown up with or heard of throughout the years.. but un mistakenly made perfectly. When it comes to perfect BBQ, it's truly all about patience. It is not rushed like your Uncle backyard style hot-dogs.. nope. This is a process which starts a day or two in advance and is slowly perfected to ensure the juiciest, most flavorful and memorable meats of your life. A down to earth restaurant that treats you like family and make you feel welcome each time you stop by. BBQ is and should be the standard for comfort style foods. Foods which simply make you feel good, happy. In addition, they also provide a full bar so be sure to take advantage of the right beverage to pair with your meal. Again, we have to give thanks to the amazing pitmaster of this spot, Robert "Bob" Palmgren! The place is also named after his son, Robert, Junior. With his wife beside him in this amazing venture, they are a perfect team. We understand that everyone has their favorite style of BBQ.. but we're pretty damn confident that you will find a perfect BBQ item on the menu here. Check them out when passing through the city of Mission.

Address / Location

5835 Lamar Ave.
Mission, KS 66062

RJs Bob-Be-Que Shack

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BBQ Hot Dogs / Sausage

BBQ Sliced Lamb Shack Jalepeno Sausage Fried Cauliflower Appetizer RJs Bob-Be-Que Shack Food Burnt Ends Hash with Eggs Breakfast BBQ Gumbo with Brisket Sandwich Crinkle Sweet Potato Fries Basket Wings with Extra Sauce

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