Ray Ray's Hog Pit
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Not just another typical Barbecue spot by any means.. we only recommend the best and this location in our honest opinion is one of the best BBQ spots in the entire Nation. Not really a typical spot for such cuisine in the country, but they guys really deliver the soul that is the essential part of BBQ. It's all prepared slow and low for that rich, juicy, tender perfection. Nothing is rushed and all is done with true love and passion for the food. They master pork, chicken and all cuts of beef here and it will be pure heaven with each and every bite. Once there, you must make it a mission to take a tour of their incredible hardwood smoker.. cause this is where all of the magic truly happens. You know it's traditional and authentic when you experience your very first pink smoke ring.. totally picture worthy. We must also be sure to mention that they have an incredible range of rubs and sauces!

Address / Location

2619 N High St
Columbus, OH 43202

Ray Rays Hog Pit

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Beef Brisket Sandwich Cheesy Potatoes Half Spare Ribs Ray Rays Hog Pit Food BBQ Collard Greens Sausage Platter Burnt Ends BBQ Sandwich Smoked Brisket

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