Rasta Pasta
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One of the best names to any eatery we have visited over the many years, the food and people there make it a truly amazing place. As the name suggests, the flavors you'll come across here are from the Caribbean! Truly authentic to every aspect such as flavor, ingredients, traditions and presentation. This place is as real as it gets. But what takes it over the top is the fusion with Italian classic which really, in our opinion, takes it to the next level. With outdoor patio seating and a great vibe from the reggae music in the background, it's a place to relax and truly enjoy a meal and drink with good company all around. Plenty of goodness to try here such as the Chicken Montego Bay, Seafood Alfredo, Natural Mystic for those whom love curry, Rasta Pasta Garlic Breads, Tortellini Jamaican Mon, Sundried Tomato Salad, Spicy Jammin, Spaghetti Trench Town, Sundrio, Salads, Drinks and Desserts such as their Bananas Marley along with a full Kids Menu so the whole family can enjoy the place!

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405 N Tejon St
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Rasta Pasta

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Rasta Garlic Bread Seafood Alfredo Chicken Montego Bay Rasta Pasta Food Spicy Jammin Tortellini Jamaica Mon Bananas Marley Natural Mystic

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