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With just over 50 years of experience in the food industry, this island staple has been serving locals and tourists for decades on end. A classic style drive-in, it's really got all the essentials such as Rice and Macaroni Salad, Burgers, Fries and Hot Dogs. To be exact, it was back in 1961 when they first opened their doors in the famous Honolulu district of Hawaii. Counter-serve service which we always adore, it surely a spot where you always feel welcome and never rushed, because of course, you're in Hawaii so just relax, enjoy the food, views and amazing fresh air. To this day, it is still ran and family-operated and it all started with the one and only, Seiju Ifuku. Opening back in 1961, they took a chance that has turned out to be the local legend it is today. Surprisingly, it continues to be one of the biggest draw for tourist as well, as it's the perfect spot in Hawaii to enjoy a family-style meal and atmosphere. In fact, they have expanded to the current four locations on the island, so it's much easier and convenient to experience this establishment. Plenty of hearty meals, filled with fresh ingredients and made wit time-test, traditional recipes. Interesting facts include serving well over 1000 plates in most locations, per day!Plenty to choose from here, but we love the Mix Plate as you get a bit of everything but the customizable Loco Moco Plate is also fantastic!

Address / Location

3308 Kanaina Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815

Rainbow Drive-In on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Hawaiian Food Chicken & Wings

Loco Moco Plate Chili Dog Plate Beef Cutlet Rainbow Drive-In Food Shoyu Boneless Chicken Red Slushy Float Drink Ham Steak with Eggs Breakfast French Toast with Portuguese Sausage

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