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Well it's truly impossible to forget a name such as this one! A modern edge bar with an industrial feel but with a clean, inviting feel to it. They typical drinking hole that always full and always has a great environment. Brings your friends, bring a date or make new friends at the bar.. it's up to you. A great menu that involves some creative pub style meals with specials during their happy hour and of course the famous Taco Tuesdays! At first glance of the food here, you may think you're in a 5 star fine dining restaurant and the presentation, quality and overall impact is just that. We love when pubs take food to the same level of impressiveness as their drinks.. it should always compliment one and the other. A true mix of American traditional with some Asian Fusion that make it a memorable experience to say the least. And, the bartenders here are really next level as well. Professionals with the drinks of course, but also friendly, courteous and happy to chat when you are. Seriously, we're surprised this place hasn't been talked about more - perhaps it will be now.

Address / Location

62 East 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Purgatory on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Pub & Bar Food Burgers

Fried Chicken Toast Tijuana Fog Soul Burger Purgatory Food Avocado Toast Rosey Fries Pan Fried Udon Grilled Cheese and Chips

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