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If you're in this awesome town as a local or visitor, you must stop by this pizza location that still gets the pies ready in their authentic brick oven. Family run for generations, it's the place to be at for great food and lots of laughs. Also, try their Roasted Chicken and Apple Crisp as they are equally on par with their Pizza selection. It's a rare find these days to find an operating Pizza spot which properly and religiously uses a Stone Oven. There is no comparison to other methods as it's just not possible to get that perfect crisp to the crust and just overall flavors, aroma and texture. In recent returns to the spot, we have learned that the owner, Brad Breakell has tragically died. Since it's start in 2004, this place, thanks to Brad, has been a happy, joyful and fun place to grab a slice - he will be missed. The locations is no longer open and it has left a massive void in the heart of Boise. For those whom have ever wondered where the name Pizzalchik originated from.. well it's quite simple. Brad combined the words Pizza, Salad and Chicken. RIP.

Address / Location

7330 W State St
Boise, ID 83714


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Fast Food Pizza

Great Salmon Caper Pizza Wild Forest Mist Pizza Tossed Greens Salad Pizzalchik Food Bubble Bread Fried Jalapeno Poppers Appetizer Key Lime Cheesecake Whole Roasted Garlic Chicken

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