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When you want a butcher shop in the VA area, then this is exactly what a butcher shop should be. Old-fashioned staying true to the roots and available today. All is down in-house so it's fresh and handled only by the staff. The whole animal is delivered and processed on site which allows for full control and quality. They make everything here such as their famous hams, bacon, sausages and plenty more. They only use locally grown meats and vegetables for their menu and all is of the highest quality, ethically raised for the healthiest choices around. The charming location and staff make it a treat to pick up your custom deli products as well as enjoy some quality meals right there. Absolutely delicious, and that's no lie. It's not too often we can find a local butcher across the Nation anymore as most have to go to big chain grocery stores that simply don't do anything on-site. It's the place to really take your time and find what's best for you.. so visit today.

Address / Location

820 Shirley Ave
Norfolk, VA 23517

Pendulum Fine Meats

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Brisket Plate Pollo Rojo Torta Seared Pork Belly and Butterbeans Pendulum Fine Meats Food Beef Tongue Tacos Corned Beef Special Roast Beef Panini Sandwich Craft Beers

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