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The main reason folks from all across the USA (even the world) flock to this location is for the one and only Half-Pound Burger that is available in 10 different variations. Their burgers really are and should be a diner-standard! Also, try their Fish Tacos and Roasted Jalapeno Pimento Cheese that is out of this world delicious! Plenty of daily and weekly specials available here, but the prime highlight is the vast assortment of burgers. We appreciate that the burgers are cooked to perfection and seasoned just right. Cooked exactly as you want it and there is no way you'll ever want to grab a fast-food burger ever again. Once you taste perfection, it's hard to go to sub-par garbage. Also serving a nice selection of cold beers, you can enjoy your meal here in style. Service is great and they have a full kids menu so you can bring your whole family here for lunch or dinner. We also wish to point out that the burgers here are actually massive. Like, huge. You get your moneys worth here and never feel like you're still hungry after you dine. Voted the best spot in Columbia to find a burger and we agree. You can even refer to this spot as a beefed-up gastropub, a great vibe with memories that will not soon leave you.

Address / Location

827 Harden St.
Columbia, SC 29205

Pawleys Front Porch

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Fripp Island Burger Sullivan Burger Isle of Palms Burger Pawleys Front Porch Food Sweet Chili Fries The Morris Burger Fried Crawfish Caw Caw Creek Burger

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