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When it comes to comfort food, everyone has their very own favorites. But the variable that lumps all the options together is how it makes one feel and this is exactly what this cafe does with welcoming charm. The French-trained chef really puts it all on the table with their Ham Steak with Red Eye Gravy that are just a few highlights from this amazing dining menu. A local chain that keeps it classic, cheery and always friendly. It's not often we recommend chain style diners, but those that keep it close to home and family run, well those are the exceptions. Without hesitation, this place is the official pioneer in Breakfast and Brunch in the Phoenix area. Portions here are always tremendous, and for those whom appreciate a great breakfast meal, then this is one that will fill you for the entire day. We also love how attentive and truly friendly the staff are here, as you will never feel rushed during your meal and your cup of coffee is always hot and full. The owners are always present and make special care that your meal is just right, every time.

Address / Location

4730 E. Indian School Rd., #123
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Over Easy

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American Food Breakfast Diners

Caramelized Banana & Pecan Brioche French Toast Eggs Benedict Breakfast Over Easy Food M & M Pancake Loko Moko Bacon, scallion and spinach omelet Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits

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