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One of the coolest joints you'll find in California. This short order style diner with a gourmet touch really does nail it right on the head. One of the specialties served here is the Pasta Carbonara! But, also consider the Kahlua Pig Egg Rolls or wide, delicious range of Italian Pasta dishes available each day. This place was the dream and hard work of John Atkinson, Chef and owner. With the help of his folks, he opened up this spot in 2003 which continues to be the talk of the town in a truly, casual southern California setting. Offering great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner with plenty of daily and weekly specials to choose from. A small spot that has aprox 20 seating available inside, but we tend to take advantage of the outdoor seating especially to soak up that warm California sunshine. Portions here are large so you get what you pay for, Fresh and flavorful, so it's always a delight to bite into any meal here. Service is always friendly and they make sure you're content at all times. Never had to ask for a refill here, they are on to of their game and we very much appreciate it. There are several similar spots to eat at in the Manhattan Beach area, but this one has always stood out and even after a dozen or more visits.. we still are pleasantly surprised each time. The Sunday morning vibe is our fave.

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3421 N Highland Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

North End Caffe

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Kalua Pig Monte Cristo Egg Rolls Pasta Carbonara Wiener Trifecta North End Caffe Food Kaluha Pork Hash and Eggs Beignets The Zachary Carmelita Bar

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