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Having earned it's stripes over the many years of service, it really has become a local legend and a must see diner for any traveler looking for a quick and delicious meal. Really, we've had many burgers in our travels, but this one really hits it out of the park with their Onion Burger that is unlike anything you've tried before. Popular lunch and breakfast spot in the heart of Oklahoma, this small spot in the definition of hometown diner that the locals prefer to keep a secret. All the burgers are created in-house with always fresh and hand packed ground beef. Nothing frozen here.. so you only get the best quality, flavors and juiciness possible. These folks opened their doors back in 1997 and over the past decades have set the standard above and beyond over any big time chain dreams to achieve. When here, you'll see folks that have been coming here for generations and there is good reason for it. Quality always stays consistent, the service is incredible and the portions, especially the burgers are hefty! Without question, if you're a foodie, this place NEEDS to be on your must-eat list. Also, keep in mind it's a small spot, maybe 18 seats and it's cash only so be prepared. Tell them we sent you.

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1201 N. Pennsylvania Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Nics Grill

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Onion Cheese Burger with Curly Fries Pan-Fried Chicken Breakfast Omelette Nics Grill Food Meatloaf Dish Sausage and Eggs Breakfast Nics Grill Menu Curly Fries

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