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What makes this location unique to Hawaii is that the chef and owner is actually originally from France. Chef Chaize came to this island and decided to make it his permanent home and honor us with his culinary magic. Some of the most popular dishes on his menu include Fried Ahi Belly and Marlin Burger, and we suggest you start off with those when in doubt. Located right on the waterside, it's got wonderful views while you dine. As you may have already guessed and expect from island cuisine, the seafood is all locally sources and often times the meal you are eating are freshly caught that day. It's all about freshness and the highest quality that you'll immediately appreciate when you experience firsthand. As mentioned, the cuisine is a great blend of French with Hawaiian traditions that brings yet another unique touch to the Honolulu culinary scene. They have a full menu which encompasses breakfast, lunch and dinner. Launched just a few years back in 2004, chef owner Nico Chaize with two local fisherman had the vision and drive to create what we see today. They currently purchase more fresh local fish than any other restaurant on the island. They have quadrupled in size and continue to expand as the words spreads about their amazing quality, service and fair pricing. They also have live entertainment and now offer merchandise such as shirts and other collectibles. Check out Nico's Pier 38 today!

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1133 North Nimitz Highway
Honolulu, HI 96817

Nicos Pier 38

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Marlin Burger Fried Ahi Belly Chicken Katsu Nicos Pier 38 Food Garlic Pesto Shrimp Cheeseburger Steamed Clams Bread Bowl Chowder

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