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Literal translation in to how the Soviets say "Cheers", it's one of our favorite spot in this amazing country called Cuba. Great place to explore the many authentic and traditional flavors found in the Soviet Union itself. Located on the beautiful coast of Havana, the drive alone is worth the experience. But of course, the food and drink there is truly in a class of it's own as well. Run but the multi-talented Chef Irina Butorina, they keep to the traditions that brought he Cuban and former Soviet cultures together for some amazing culinary experiences. Two key items come to mind when you come here and the first is their Russian version of ravioli which is called the Pelmeni. It's made to perfection and a great meal to enjoy. Next, we also suggest their Chicken Kiev which is essentially a chicken veal cutlet but prepared in a way you've never had before. Staff is very friendly and caring which goes a long way for the entire experience. Be sure to pay them a visit, it's great!

Address / Location

#25 Malecon
Havana, Cuba 10400

+53 7860 2947

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Pub & Bar Food Chicken & Wings

Pelmeni Chicken Kiev Drinks Nazdarovie Food Soviet Style Decor Stew with Rye Shish Kabob Patio Seating

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