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When you first look at this place you would really have no idea that it serves up gourmet, high-end slices! We urge you to look past the rough exterior as the Pizza that is created within the walls is truly priceless and the best of the best in Sin City. The Sicilian Slice here is a personal favorite of ours with the Garlic Sauce to make you smile, also the Meatballs are stacked high. Add a side of Suicide Fries to any Pizza order to make a truly magical meal come true. The dream here started with two brothers whom are originally from New York, Buffalo. A family spot which is now spread across Vegas in two spots. One on 4608 Paradise Road and the other at 6935 Blue Diamond Rd inside the Blue Diamond Salon. Since 2009 these folks have really set the bar very high and we're always sure to visit when in town. Beside the amazing NY style Pizza, they also make amazing Wings, Subs, Appetizers and plenty of mouthe watering Desserts. Some other greats to try here which you may consider include the Suicide Fries that are extremely spicy, Guinea Pizza, Rebel Pizza, Garlic Knots, Veggie Pizza, Pizza Egg Rolls, Zucchini Sticks, Steak and Cheese Fries, Stinger Sub, Chicken Cardon Bleu Sub, Beef on Weck, Merica Burger, Bianco Pizza and finally don't skip out on the best dessert ever.. the Zeppoles! Seriously folks.. that is like a tenth of the menu with so much to offer here. Also keep in mind the Pizza here is huge.. like for real.. huge! Come hungry and enjoy!

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3240 S. Arville St.
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Naked City Pizza Shop

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