Naglee Park Garage
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One of the coolest things about searching the USA for authentic diners is finding out the history of some of them. Such as this one, which was actually once a garage auto shop. How cool is that? Now, they serve amazing meals such as their famed Lamb Meatballs, locally sourced Brussels Sprouts and the famous Herb Marinated NY Steak. As you've taken notice by now, this place featured amazing seasonal based dishes that takes advantage of the freshest, available ingredients to use in their dishes. Old-school style where you order at the counter and then find a seat, and wait in a comfortable, relaxed setting. A casual American style eatery which has a full menu filled with goodies that will satisfy everyone's cravings. This spot has gone through many changes throughout the years and as of most recent, they re-opened in June of 2018. Previously, it had closed its doors the previous year after an amazing 12 year run. It had always been a favorite spot within the close-knit neighborhood. One change they made with the new opened is the counter service has been replaced with table service, which is just as great. The dishes are smaller and more refined, but packed with the same flavor and perfection which made the previous spot such a hit. They have changed up the menu slightly but in our eyes, tons of new great items. Some new faves include the Vanilla Bread Pudding and half-pound Garage Burger!

Address / Location

505 East San Carlos St.
San Jose, CA 95112

Naglee Park Garage

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American Food Lamb

Angus Burger Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Sweet Potato Fries Naglee Park Garage Food Fish Crepe Vanilla Bread Pudding Trout Bacon  and Spinach Lasagna

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