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One of our very favorite Italian restaurants. Not just because of the famous Italian menus, but the fact that it's genuine and 100% authentic. Old-school establishment that has been around since the 1940's and continues to follow the tradition from the Italy itself. Nothing complicated, yet simple - recipes passed down through several generations that are used here daily to this day. With plenty of awards and recognition, Mrs. Robino's continue to fill their seats night after night. They also have specials each day such as the Wine and Dine Wednesdays and our favorite, Thursday night Crab! You will appreciate the pasta as it's all homemade and prepared in house with always fresh ingredients. This is a place where you can experience food as it's meant to be.. not rushed or processed in any way. Of course, the staff and service here is extremely friendly and thoughtful. You are treated as the number one customer each time, every time. Many patrons have been dining here for many decades and now bring their kids and expanding families as a dining tradition. We strongly suggest this in Wilmington when seeking incredible Italian cuisine.

Address / Location

520 N Union St
Wilmington, DE 19805

Mrs. Robinos

Menu Recommendations

Cuisine / Diet Plan with Popular Foods & Meals to Eat Here

Italian Food Chicken & Wings

Rustic Pepperoni Pizza Tomato Bisque Porkette Mrs Robinos Food Hot Peppers and Parm Cheese Italian Fried Chicken Italian Crabcake Chicken Piccata

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