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Situated in the classic Harvard Square, this establishment really knows how to do one thing right, Burgers! You can grab any burger in the classic American style with all the fixings and trimmings your heart desires. Some of the great ones are Kevin Garnett Burger and the The Guy Fieri (it's bananas) Muenster cheese. This is a local institution at this point and a go-to spot for the nearby students. We allows follow large crowds when it comes to dining spots as a long line and steady customers is a sure sign of good food inside. A true Boston dining landmark since 1960, they have stayed true to the highest quality, huge portions and of course the friendliest service possible. When you arrive here to eat, it truly is like taking a step back in time. So many decades ago, over half a century to be exact.. Joe and Joan Bartley opened up this spot with a simple vision in mind.. to create the perfect Hamburger. Now in the 3rd generation, it continues to be family run and we're super glad it remains that way. Fast paced and very friendly lively atmosphere here. They've also got great Home Fries, frappes (homemade old-school milkshakes), Baked Mac 'n Cheese, Onion Rings, and more. But what truly stands out, what has stood out all along at this Burger spot are the Burgers. High quality beef that makes each bite memorable and of course, delicious. Don't you dare pass by this spot!

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1246 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

Mr Bartleys Burger Cottage

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