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They were celebrating their 75th anniversary from our original visit, this location has been run by the same family using the same secret recipes to their Fried Chicken all along the way. In fact, it's been four generations (and counting) of goodness from Moseberth's which is an impressive feat on it's own. Of course, we suggest the Crispy Fried Chicken meal with your choice of tasty sides such as the amazing Hush Puppies or freshly sliced up Coleslaw. But there are many others to choose from, you'll have to make up your mind when you arrive that is. Portsmouth has plenty of great places to dine at, but not many meet the standards and legacy that Moseberth's Fried Chicken holds to this day. They have recently changed the name, so keep a lookout for "Moseberth's Chicken Place" instead - exact same setup so nothing to worry about folks! So you might be thinking to yourself, well I've had Fried Chicken before, why is this any better? Well for starters, they've been around doing it longer than any other group out there, including that Kernel guy found. The Chicken is light and crispy without that overly greasiness that other places leave you with. Just a perfect blend of flavors and crunch with each and every bite you take. Honestly, you won't ever see Fried Chicken the same way after you've been here at Moseberth's in the state of Virginia. It's all about the Southern Style food here and best of all, it's done right. Comfort in each item menu and there isn't a wrong item to pick from the menu. Great for families and kids as well, so bring them all. A+++

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1505 Airline Blvd.
Portsmouth, VA 23707

Moseberths Fried Chicken

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