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First and foremost, they are closed Sunday so plan ahead. More importantly, be sure to get yourself down here when in Miami! It's the place that has mastered, and we truly mean that, the art of smoking and curing. It's a timeless tradition that we rarely seen done the right way, such as here. Not only do they do it right, they don't come anywhere near any hormones or antibiotics for their livestock. Instead, they do it old-school (the right way) providing the animals a natural diet and allowing them to graze in open fields. It really does bring out not just the best flavors, but it's healthier and moral choice. This butcher does everything bacon so well, we love the entire menu!

Address / Location

306 NW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 33125

Miami Smokers

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Havana Club Sandwich Candied Bacon Bacon Cinnamon Buns Miami Smokers Food Bacon Wrapped Plantains Thai Grinder Sausage Salami Piggy Mints

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