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Chef Carter uses his Scottish background to create an amazing menu that has blown us away. Essentially, an American culinary experience with a kick (or two) of originality. If you are new to Fusion style foods or want to explore it, be sure to order the Pulled Pork with Curry of Coconut which also has Mexican and Thai influences sprinkled throughout. A totally laid back spot that you will never feel stressed or rushed at.. take your time and stay as long as you need to. This American cafe is popular for it's many lunch and breakfast fare that is always prepared fresh to order, just the way we like it and should be. As with most cafe spots we suggest, this is a cash-only spot so be prepare before you arrive. There is an ATM machine outside anyways, so no worries if you forget. But, we must report the up to date news of our diner listings, which leads us to report that Meal Ticket is no longer around for our dining pleasure. Chef Jimmy Carter had put over 25 years of his life in to this amazing cafe and was ready for a partial or semi retirement. But it's not all bad news as the spot has been taken over by another local former favorite, KC's BBQ! Kansas City-style barbecue and soul food had been around in Berkeley since the late 60's but due to a recent fire, they had to shut down. So now they have a chance to come back to full swing. While Meal Ticket will be missed, we are grateful to have been able to dine here so many times over the years. Thanks for all the memories!

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1235 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94706

Meal Ticket

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American Food near me Pork

Slow Roasted Pork with Coconut Curry Apple Grape Pie Roasted Salmon Meal Ticket Food Salmon Burger Berry Pancakes Soft-Shell Crab PoBoy Trout with Rice

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