MayMoes Cajun Grill
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It doesn't get any more classic than this amazing old-school Cajun joint that has customers lining up at the doors. Once you come in, you're in the best place to experience authentic Southern flavors from Louisiana. Without question, it really just takes once visit to get you hooked. A fantastic menu that is constantly updated with new features in addition to the set classic staples you'll soon fall in love with. A quick glance at this Southern menu quickly shines with favorites such as Andouille, Gator Bites and Bread Pudding all made from scratch. Everything here is perfectly seasoned and cooked to true foodie perfection. Prices are fair and portions are memorable. In addition, we have to mention one of our favorite items here are the freshly made beignets, seriously folks, amazing! MayMoes does it right and you'll appreciate the wonderful service that always comes with a smile. With so many Southern style spots spread across the States, it's a gem to come across one that does it right. There is something to be said about quality in today's diverse world of restaurants. This is a keeper.

Address / Location

981 S Main St Ste 170
Logan, UT 84321

MayMoes Cajun Grill

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Southern Comfort Food Sandwiches & Subs

Peach Voodoo Rolls Seafood Crepe with Lobster Bisque Cajun Shrimp Po Boy MayMoes Cajun Grill Food Pan Fried Sweet Corn Braised Oxtail Gnocchi Meatloaf Mac Sandwich Powdered Beignets

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