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One of the smallest, tucked-away little diners that you will ever come across yet they pack one of the best menus with the most sought after flavors and unique foods today. Specializing with breakfast items, you must be sure to try their Waffles made from scratch and The Chop & Chick as well. By the name of the place, yes, these guys pack a big breakfast and it's easily their top seller. While there are various variations, this one is for the hungry folk, that's for sure. We've talked to dozens of folks whom have dined here, and the consensus is always the same - fantastic food and superb service. While the foods and menu choices are standard American staples, they are prepared with perfection. A rustic-country style diner that holds true to thoughtful service and great value for your meal. One fun items we can't get enough of is their yummy Honey/Strawberry lemonade.. we get two. When food is prepared fresh and with care, you can truly appreciate that and it's what keeps diners such as this on the map. Be sure to stop by, you won't be disappointed.

Address / Location

825 N. 1st St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Matts Big Breakfast

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Pork Chops and Hash Browns Ham Steak Waffles Matts Big Breakfast Food French Toast Five Spot Chop and Chic Sourdough Bread

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