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This spot, must be seen and tasted in real life to genuinely experience the amazing flavors of ice cream offered. An old-school charming spot that creates only handmade ice cream in plenty of old fashioned, classic and new-school flavors to choose from. The brain child of Jesse Mason and Helen Qin, they chose Cleveland over their hometown of Los Angeles to start this local small spot to embrace what it truly means to support small and local community. They source the best local ingredients to produce small batches of flavors, always improving and experimenting with new creations. Since 2003, they have been serving up smiles for the community and always grab attention of new customers each day. So many flavors to choose from but some unique and more popular choices include their Asian ice cream flavors, Ube, Sweet Corn, Egg Waffle, Marzipan and other creative ones too. And of course, during colder months they have slightly moved to a Ramen menu which not as popular as the ice cream, still great.

Address / Location

4401 Bridge Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113

Masons Creamery on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Asian Food Desserts & Ice Cream

Korean Corn Dogs Vegan Apple Cider Sorbet Cannoli Ice Cream Masons Creamery Food Ramen Donut Ice Cream Sandwich Halloween Themed Ice Cream Banana Bread Split

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