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Really a complete menu for an establishment that has been doing it the right way for some time now. It's purely family-run from the opening day and remains so to this day. You can experience all the American classics here, served daily in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. The typical no-frills diners that aims to produce fresh, generous, delicious portions with friendly and inviting service. Our go-to items here include their all day breakfast options. They have taken comfort foods to the masses and many of the locals here make it a daily dining spot. These folks are nearing the 100 years mark of service and there is no doubt they will surpass and continue strong for many years afterwards, in our opinion. They also have expanded their menu to many delicious vegan and vegetarian items that we're also had the pleasure to try. There is no question that they still continue with their same quality of food and service since they opened their doors in the year 1946. From almond milk available for your coffee, to insane breakfast options such as their meatball omelet or basic staples such as blueberry pancakes - they've got it all here. The inside decor of art and paintings also add a sense of nostalgia. We love it.

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286 Brook St
Providence, RI 02906

Louies Restaurant

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Barbecued Chicken Cheese Ravioli Granola Pancakes Fruit Salad Louies Restaurant Food The Drunken Johnny Hot Chocolate with Chunks Stack of Fresh Fruit on Pancakes Breakfast Benedict Special

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