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Some of the quickest fast food you'll ever experience, but best of all some of the best flavors as well. This is really the perfect combination when it comes to dining out right? A unique location that is built on a former grocery store, you'll find some memorable treats such as their Texas Chicken Hash and classic Burgers that are undoubtedly made from scratch, on-site. The typical no-frills diner which we love to come across, it's truly one of those hidden gems that makes us smile. They make all the traditional American style eats that you've grown up with. The breakfast here is always hearty and will fill up your appetite to the brink. Plenty to choose from which can always be customized to your preferences. We love that you'll be taken back to the 60's when here from the fun, attentive service to every item on the menu. Comfort food has been a word thrown around in recent years yet not many restaurants do it fair justice, until you come across a spot like Lankford Grocery. Overall, a great experience and a place you'll not soon forget.

Address / Location

88 Dennis Street
Houston, TX 77006

Lankford Grocery and Market

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Fast Food Burgers

Lankford Grimm Burger Breakfast Sandwich King Ranch Casserole Lankford Grocery Food Pimento Cheeseburger The Greek Burger Firehouse Burger Meatloaf Special

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